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Okay, this is just weird... after being in Inception fandom with Arthur and Eames for so long, where I kinda had to learn to find Tom Hardy and Joseph Gordon-Levitt attractive (in my defense, Tom Hardy looked really beefy and thuggish through most of the movie, and his lips just looked kinda ridiculous; and as for Joe, I think for a long time my brain was really confused about why he looked part-asian when he was most definitely not), but anyway, it's just seriously weird immediately crushing on Blaine, after knowing nothing about him besides the Teenage Dream vid below (and that the character is a gay, and a love interest of kurt, the other gay guy)...

Okay, yes, I know Glee is totally old news, but I just started watching the pilot after getting Netflix (they have it on instant play, pretty damn cool) and got tired of it after four episodes, so I was just happening to be mindlessly flipping through YouTube looking for Glee songs (the Gold Digger cover... absolutely adored it) and chanced upon Teenage Dream and my face pretty much lit up like kurt's... maybe it has less to do with Blaine and more with the phenomenal singing? IDEK...

But then the actor Darren Criss is just plain adorable (see Exhibit A below of his interview with Rolling Stones that he sings and plays his guitar through)... it's like a version of JGL that is half-asian and possesses unlimited reserves of musical talent... just that voice...

Egads, why do I have to have a major crush on a character in a show I don't even want to watch?  HOW TO DEAL??? (please don't say, well maybe just watch glee, because I was seriously beginning to find most of the characters unbearably shallow and grating... what is wrong with me that I can't bear to watch the one show all of America seems to love?)
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